Appli­cation / regis­tration We Care standard

We Care is aimed at com­panies in the food industry. The standard for­mu­lates holistic requi­re­ments for sus­taina­bility and offers com­panies a cer­ti­fi­cation system for this. It is geared to sus­taina­bility as a whole, i.e..:
The application/registration is subject to a fee and amounts to a one-time fee of 250,-€ net, plus VAT.

To par­ti­cipate in the We-Care standard, the fol­lowing steps are necessary:

  • Regis­tration / regis­tration subject to a fee at the We Care’s respon­sible body FIBL Germany
  • Sel­ection of an approved control and cer­ti­fi­cation body
  • Con­tract with the inspection body, audit
  • If the audit is passed: con­clusion of the user con­tract
  • Han­dover of the cer­ti­ficate
  • Approval of the planned com­mu­ni­cation media
  • Man­datory par­ti­ci­pation in the veri­fi­cation audits
  • Recer­ti­fi­cation after 3 years