Privacy Policy

General infor­mation

The pro­tection of your per­sonal data is very important to us. We the­r­efore ask you to read the fol­lowing privacy policy carefully.

The purpose of this policy is to inform you about the reason for and extent to which your per­sonal data will be pro­cessed when you visit our website. If you have any further ques­tions, please do not hesitate to contact the con­troller.

This website uses SSL or TLS encryption to protect the trans­mission of per­sonal data and other con­fi­dential content (e.g. orders or inquiries to the con­troller). You can reco­gnize an encrypted con­nection by the cha­racter string “https://” and the lock symbol in your browser line.

Name and address of the con­troller

FiBL Deutschland e.V.
Kas­seler Str. 1a
60486 Frankfurt a.M.
Phone +49 (0) 69 713 7699 150

Contact of the data pro­tection officer:
Ralf Fix
Kas­seler Straße 1a
60486 Frankfurt am Main

Your rights

  1. According to the appli­cable laws, you have various rights regarding your per­sonal data:
      • Right to obtain con­fir­mation and access
      • Right to request rec­ti­fi­cation
      • Right to erasure (‘right to be for­gotten’)
      • Right to request rest­riction of pro­cessing
      • Right to data por­ta­bility
      • Right to object
      • Right to withdraw the given consent
      • If you wish to assert these rights, please send your request by e‑mail or by post to the address men­tioned above.
  2. You also have the right of lodging a com­plaint with a super­visory aut­hority about the pro­cessing of your per­sonal data with us.


  1. Like many other web­sites, we also use so-called “cookies”. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your hard drive and through which certain infor­mation flows to the insti­tution that places the cookie (in this case the insti­tution is us). Cookies cannot run pro­grams or transmit viruses to your com­puter. They are intended to make the website more user-fri­endly and effective and to enable the use of certain func­tions. When using this common data and infor­mation we do not draw any con­clu­sions about the person con­cerned. This infor­mation is just required to deliver the con­tents of our website cor­rectly. This anony­mously coll­ected data and infor­mation is the­r­efore eva­luated by us sta­tis­ti­cally and with the aim of incre­asing data pro­tection and data security in our company to ensure an optimum level of pro­tection for the per­sonal data pro­cessed by us. If certain cookies process per­sonal data, pro­cessing is carried out in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR.
  2. This website uses the fol­lowing types of cookies:
    • Tran­sient cookies (see a)
    • Per­sistent cookies (see b)a) Tran­sient cookies – in par­ti­cular so-called session cookies – are auto­ma­ti­cally deleted when you close your browser. These cookies store a so-called session ID, with which dif­ferent requests of your browser can be assigned to a joint session. This will allow your com­puter to be reco­gnized when you return to our website. Session cookies are deleted when you log out or close your browser.

    b) Per­sistent cookies are auto­ma­ti­cally deleted after a spe­cified period, which may vary depending on the cookie. These cookies remain on your device and enable us or our partner com­panies (third-party cookies) to reco­gnize your browser on your next visit. You can delete the cookies in your browser set­tings at any time.

  3. You can con­figure your browser set­tings according to your wishes and, for example, refuse third party cookies or all cookies. You can also choose to be notified when cookies are set and you can decide indi­vi­dually whether you want to allow them or not. Each browser differs in the way it manages the cookie set­tings. This is described in the help menu of each browser, which explains how you can change your cookie set­tings.
    You will find these for the respective browsers under the fol­lowing links:
    - Internet Explorer:
    - Firefox:
    - Chrome:
    - Safari:
    - Opera:

    Please note that the func­tion­ality of our website may be limited if cookies are not accepted.

Coll­ection of per­sonal data when you visit our website

  1. When using our website for infor­mation pur­poses only, i.e. if you do not register or otherwise provide us with infor­mation, we only collect the per­sonal data that your browser transmits to our server (so-called “server log files”). If you want to visit our website, we collect the fol­lowing infor­mation that is tech­ni­cally necessary for us to display our website and to ensure the sta­bility, func­tion­ality and security of our website:
    • our visited website
    • used IP address
    • date and time of access
    • Time zone dif­fe­rence to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
    • Access status / HTTP status code
    • the amount of data trans­ferred in bytes
    • Website from which you accessed the site (source/reference)
    • used browser
    • the ope­rating system used and its interface
    • Lan­guage and version of the browser software.
  2. The legal basis is our legi­timate interest in ensuring a smooth con­nection setup and a com­for­table use of the website as well as in the pos­si­bility to eva­luate system security and sta­bility and to pursue further admi­nis­trative pur­poses in accordance with Art. 6 Para. 1 S. 1 lit. f GDPR.

  3. The data will not be passed on or used in any other way.

Further func­tions and offers of our website

  1. In addition to the purely infor­ma­tional use of our website, we offer various ser­vices which you can use if you are inte­rested. For this purpose, you must gene­rally provide further per­sonal data, which we use to perform the respective service and to which the afo­re­men­tioned data pro­cessing prin­ciples apply. In some cases we use external service pro­viders to process your data. These have been carefully sel­ected and com­mis­sioned by us, are bound by our ins­truc­tions and are regu­larly checked.
  2. We may also pass on your per­sonal data to third parties if we cooperate with service pro­viders who offer you pro­mo­tions, lot­teries or similar.
  3. Fur­thermore, we inform you in the respective offer about a transfer of your data outside the European Eco­nomic Area (EEA).


  1. If you send us enquiries via e‑mail, your data will be stored for the purpose of ans­wering the enquiry and in the event of follow-up ques­tions. You will be required to provide your name and e‑mail address. Pro­viding a tele­phone number and other data is vol­untary and serves to faci­litate contact and to enable us to address you per­so­nally. These data are stored and used solely for the purpose of responding to your request or for estab­li­shing contact and the tech­nical admi­nis­tration. The legal basis for pro­cessing the data is our legi­timate interest in responding to your request in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR.
  2. Your data will be deleted when your inquiry has been finally cla­rified and if no sta­tutory retention obli­ga­tions oppose this.

Einsatz von Script­bi­blio­theken (Google Web­fonts)

  • In order to present our content cor­rectly and gra­phi­cally appe­aling across browsers, we use script libraries and font libraries from Google Web­fonts ( on this website. Google web fonts are trans­ferred to your browser’s cache to avoid mul­tiple loading. If the browser does not support Google Web Fonts or pre­vents access, the content is dis­played in a standard font. The legal basis for the use of Google Web Fonts is our legi­timate interest in the correct graphic repre­sen­tation of our website in accordance with Art. 6 Para. 1 S. 1 lit.f GDPR.
  • Calling up script libraries or font libraries auto­ma­ti­cally estab­lishes a con­nection to the library ope­rator. It is theo­re­ti­cally pos­sible – but curr­ently also unclear whether and, if so, for what pur­poses – that ope­rators of such libraries collect data.
  • You can find the privacy policy of the library ope­rator Google here:

Social media and other plug-ins (YouTube)

  • Social media plugins from Facebook and Twitter are used on our web­sites. Plugins from YouTube and Google Maps are also used. You can reco­gnize the plugins by the fact that they are marked with the cor­re­sponding logo. We use the so-called two-click solution. This means that when you visit our site, no per­sonal data is initially passed on to the pro­viders of the plug-ins.
  • Only if you click on the marked field and thereby activate it, the plug-in pro­vider receives the infor­mation that you have called up the cor­re­sponding website of our online offer. Con­se­quently, it receives the tech­ni­cally necessary data: Name and URL of the retrieved file, date and time of the retrieval, amount of data trans­ferred, message about suc­cessful retrieval (HTTP response code), browser type and browser version, ope­rating system, referrer URL (i.e. the pre­viously visited page), IP address and the requesting pro­vider. Here, your data may be trans­mitted to pro­viders in the USA, whereby the IP address is anony­mized.
  • We have no influence on the data coll­ected and data pro­cessing pro­cesses, nor are we aware of the full extent of data coll­ection, the pur­poses of pro­cessing or the storage periods. We also have no infor­mation on the deletion of the data coll­ected by the plug-in pro­vider.
  • The plug-in pro­vider stores the data coll­ected about you as user pro­files and uses these for the pur­poses of adver­tising, market research and/or demand-ori­ented design of its website. If you wish to object to the creation of user pro­files for these pur­poses, please contact the respective plug-in pro­vider. As a website ope­rator, we are inte­rested in offering you the oppor­tunity to interact with social net­works and other users, so that we can improve our offer and make it more inte­resting for you as a user. The legal basis for the use of the plug-ins is Art. 6 para. 1 sen­tence 1 lit. f GDPR.
  • Further infor­mation on the purpose and scope of data coll­ection and its pro­cessing by the plug-in pro­vider can be found in the data pro­tection decla­ra­tions of these pro­viders notified below. They will also provide you with further infor­mation about your rights in this regard and setting options to protect your privacy.
  • Addresses of the respective plug-in pro­viders and URL with their data pro­tection infor­mation:-
    – Facebook Inc., 1601 S Cali­fornia Ave, Palo Alto, Cali­fornia 94304, USA;; further infor­mation on data coll­ection:, and
    – Youtube and Google Maps service pro­vider: Google Inc, 1600 Amphi­theater Parkway, Moun­tainview, Cali­fornia 94043, USA. For more infor­mation, see Google’s privacy notice at You can find infor­mation on Google’s privacy set­tings at You can view Google’s terms of use at and the addi­tional terms of use for Google Maps at
    – Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Fran­cisco, Cali­fornia 94103, USA;



  1. We uses the ser­vices of etracker GmbH, Hamburg, Germany (her­ein­after referred to as “etracker”) to analyse usage data. We do not use cookies for web ana­lysis by default. If we use ana­lysis and opti­mi­sation cookies, we will obtain your explicit consent sepa­rately in advance. If this is the case and you agree, cookies are used to enable a sta­tis­tical range ana­lysis of this website, a mea­su­rement of the success of our online mar­keting mea­sures and test pro­ce­dures, e.g. to test and optimise dif­ferent ver­sions of our online offer or its com­ponents. Cookies are small text files that are stored by the Internet browser on the user’s device. etracker cookies do not contain any infor­mation that could identify a user.
  2. The data gene­rated by etracker on behalf of the pro­vider of this website is pro­cessed and stored by etracker solely in Germany by com­mission of the pro­vider of this website and is thus subject to the strict German and European data pro­tection laws and stan­dards. In this regard, etracker was inde­pendently checked, cer­tified and awarded with the data pro­tection seal of approval.
  3. The data pro­cessing is based on Art. 6 Section 1 lit f (legi­timate interest) of the General Data Pro­tection Regu­lation (GDPR). Our legi­timate interest is the opti­mi­sation of our online offer and our website. As the privacy of our visitors is very important to us, the data that may pos­sibly allow a refe­rence to an indi­vidual person, such as IP address, regis­tration or device IDs, will be anony­mised or pseud­ony­mised as soon as pos­sible. etracker does not use the data for any other purpose, combine it with other data or pass it on to third parties.

    You can object to the out­lined data pro­cessing at any time. Your objection has no dis­ad­van­ta­geous con­se­quences.

Objection and with­drawal against the pro­cessing of your data

  1. If you have con­sented to the pro­cessing of your data, it is pos­sible at any time to withdraw this pro­cessing for the future. As a result, your data will no longer be pro­cessed for the agreed purpose.
  2. If your data are pro­cessed on the basis of a weighing of inte­rests in accordance with the legal basis Art. 6 para. 1 sen­tence 1 lit. e or f GDPR, you can object to this if you have special reasons against pro­cessing the data.
  3. You also have the pos­si­bility to object to the pro­cessing of your data for the purpose of direct mar­keting. Thus, your data will no longer be pro­cessed for the purpose of direct adver­tising.